Mending Honey the Harp - Send her good vibes!

I'll admit there has been quite a break in my postings as of late.

At first I blamed it on the busy life of parenting amidst playing harp, and possibly because St. Paddy's Day playing was a little exhausting (albeit great fun) and I needed a little rest.

But too many weeks went by and I finally came to accept that it was that it was because I missed my Celtic harp Honey. Let me give you a little back story first though.

A few days before St. Patrick's Day I was making dinner in the kitchen when I heard a crash! bang! and saw Violet tiptoe out of the studio.

Ow! Poor Honey!!

Ow! Poor Honey!!

Well, I'd not been careful enough to keep her out of the studio unsupervised. She'd never been rough with the harps before and I had a false sense of confidence that she wouldn't ever do such a thing.

But she did. She is almost two, for goodness sake, and very active and curious.

I was lucky, Violet was OK and the back of the harp had a big crack in it and that was it.

And I do insure my harps that I play professionally so Honey was covered.

I sat down with Trish a few weeks ago and she could tell I was behind in what I'd planned to do for those weeks. Just offhand she said something like, "I know you are still sad that your harp is broken, but just remember Violet is fine and that is all that matters."

Until that point though I didn't realize how sad I really was about the accident. The harp is just a thing and I had the pedal harp to practice on for the CD Release Party in the meantime.

But truly I have a lot of anxiety about sending Honey out though to Rees Harps and the trip home.  

Of course Honey will be well taken cared of at Rees Harps. Its the shipping I am biting my nails about. Sending harps across the country is always so nerve wracking! It used to be that one carrier would get a good reputation, such as FedEx, USPS or DHL but then I'd hear stories about all of these big guys from the harp makers or from friends delivering broken harps. It is just always a risk to ship a harp.

On top of that, you do not want to ship a harp to Tucson when it is summer because of the high temperatures and the glue involved with their construction. And it's starting to get hot here in Tucson.

So Honey is set to come today. Crossing my fingers, toes, eyes, eyelashes, and elbows. The delivery window started 45 minutes ago. I know I will feel a whole lot better once she is here!