The Ta-Ta Two Step

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I wrote this song just as a fun, tongue-in-cheek ditty for pure light hearted enjoyment. After I finished writing it, I knew it would be a great tune for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I plan to remind my followers of this tune every October.

The song came to me after having a rather silly conversation with my good friend Iris about breasts and female aging. She said, "You HAVE to write a song about this!" So I did! Her comments to me are almost directly in the lyrics of the second verse. Since Iris's favorite town is New Orleans, I figured I would give the tune some New Orleans flair.

The repeated trebles and doubles are reminiscent of the repeated fiddle bowing from a Two Step Zydeco tune. I was most inspired by two tunes in particular, "Zydeco et pas sale," (which translates to "Zydeco is Not Dirty") by Dewey Balfa and "Quand j'etais pauvre," (which translates to "When I Was Poor") by File. 

The calculator stunt in the third verse is just one of those adolescent jokes I learned as a teen that I'm glad I still remember. It is still funny to me.

Many thanks to Holly Ives who helped me shoot this video. We filmed in Agua Caliente Park, which is a very special Tucson park near an old spring. I figured it was the closest thing we had to a swampy southern landscape.

Because harp repertoire, both Classical and Traditional, favors the ethereal, I was a bit uneasy when I first played this tune for my harp friends. I was worried people might be offended by the subject matter. However, upon the first performance I learned I had nothing to worry about as I heard warm laughter throughout the room. So, harp does not always have to be so serious.

Here are the lyrics to the Ta-Ta Two Step. Enjoy!

The Ta-Ta Two Step

When I was young
Life was so sweet
I would take the girls out
For a walk down the street
I was feeling alive
With a little bit of bounce
Had my knit dress on
With some extra confidence

Now I am old
With the trouble that it brings
The damn gravity
Does really funny things
Where once they were high
Now they're down low
When they hang free
It is a comical show

But I gotta say
I'm not cryin' at the bar
Because I can declare
The fun they still are
Take 14502
Times is by the number 4
Turn it upside down
That's what all the fuss is for