Picture Puzzle Piece

During the last few years I have been falling in love with poetry. It all began after revisiting Shel Silverstein's poems from A Light in the Attic a few years ago. We bought a recording of Mr. Silverstein reading a collection of poems from this book for our son when he was about three years old. After hearing "Picture Puzzle Piece", I  knew I'd been missing out on an entire branch of art for years. The poem gave me the shivers. I knew I wanted to do something neat with it!

The ironic thing is, A Light in the Attic is the first book of poetry that I owned (at age 8 perhaps?). I'd overlooked this poem though. I was more fascinated by the humor of Mr. Silverstein than anything of beauty for so long. In particular "Bear in There", "The Mehoo and the Exactlywatt", "Nobody", "Ladies First" are splendid favorites of silliness. "Picture Puzzle Piece" is a bit hidden in the book on page 21, with only a tiny illustration of a puzzle piece in the bottom right hand corner.

For any other Shel Silverstien fans who might be interested in other beautiful poems they might have missed in the book, check out "Tryin' on Clothes", "The Little Boy and the Old Man", and of course, "Light in the Attic". Lovely!

I put music and added song to "Picture Puzzle Piece". Here is a little video I shot today right after a rockin' monsoon rain in our backyard.