Your Little Voice

I wrote music to the poem "Your Little Voice" by e. e. cummings. When I first read this poem, I was a teenager. The words made me think of so many delightful images. When I re-read this poem this year (2014), it struck me how I completely missed the meaning of the ending until now. 

It is sweet, but also truly sad as it is also about loss. It gives my heart a little wrenching, to tell the truth. 

So, I had to write music to it.

Here is e. e. cumming's poem:

your little voice
                 Over the wires came leaping
and i felt suddenly
   With the jostling and shouting of merry flowers
wee skipping high-heeled flames
curtsied before my eyes
                     or twinkling over to my side

Looked up
with impertinently exquisite faces
floating hands were laid upon me
I was whirled and tossed into delicious dancing
with the pale important
                      stars and the Humorous 

dear girl
How i was crazy how i cried when i heard
                                      over time
and tide and death

          your voice